West Coast Ireland Challenge 2021

The cycle fundraiser will start in Northern Ireland, Derry city specifically. It will follow the stunning Wild Atlantic Way south to Limerick city. I’ll be taking in the hill landscape of Donegal and passing through the rugged and green hills of Connemara.

I’m focused on my aim to raise at least €5,000 for two chosen charities, the Irish Deaf Society and also Talk to Tom, a mental health charity from my home town. Being deaf since birth and having sometimes struggled with my mental health as a result of associated situations these are charities close to my heart.

All money raised for this event will go towards the charities. I’ll be paying for my own flights, lodging and expenses. It’s not the first long distance charity race I’ll have completed although it will be the first one I’ve organised myself.

I’ve be plotting and planning this event for a few weeks now and I’ve created a list of FAQs if you want to learn more. Alternatively get in touch for any questions, to join me for parts of the challenge, to help out in fundraising or tips and advice ahead of the event.

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see"

- Mark Twain

Wild Atlantic Cycle 2021

A cycle fundraising event in the west of Ireland, summer 2021.