It’s getting real!


It’s my first blog post so I’ll keep it short. I’ve got the website just about up and running and the donations page ready to go. All my friends and family have been really supportive and I’m delighted that both my chosen charities are on board and happy for me to fundraise on their behalf.

While I expect the administration side of things such to be challenging the final details with route planning might prove just as difficult, in particular with the current situation with Covid 19 in the states.

Current training update

I’ve been training regularly and usually ride 60 miles on a Saturday or Sunday. I like to try a new route every weekend and I find the traffic is picking up quite a bit recently.

I’m really enjoying the training and being out in the open. The fresh air and good weather makes each ride more enjoyable. I plan on upping my distance along improving my speed in the weeks and months prior to the event.

While the daily challenge during event might be difficult at times I’m hoping the logistics will allow me to take my current racing bike with me.

I’ll keep you posted here with any news or happenings on the event. Thanks for reading.

41 thoughts on “It’s getting real!”

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- Mark Twain

Wild Atlantic Cycle 2021

A cycle fundraising event in the west of Ireland, summer 2021.