Join in / Take part

While I’ll be undergoing the cycle myself if you happen to live along the route I’ll be passing please join in, for however long you wish.

During my last charity race the most memorable thing was meeting the locals in the towns and stops along the way.

While traveling along this time I plan every bit as much getting to know the people I encounter. Hopefully the current situation with Covid 19 will come to pass for the most part, or at least allow for more social interaction.

I’d especially love for others with hearing difficulties or other disabilities to join me for a few kilometres along the way. Such encounters would make the trip more worthwhile, and make for great photo opportunities.

If I manage to make it through the trip and enjoy the adventure who knows, there could be a Wild Atlantic Cycle 2022!

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see"

- Mark Twain

Wild Atlantic Cycle 2021

A cycle fundraising event in the west of Ireland, summer 2021.