I’ve put a list of questions below if you’d like to know more about the challenge and I’ll also be writing entries on the blog section. If you’re considering donating, no matter how large or small the amount feel free to ask any questions that aren’t listed below.

Why this specific route?

I’m planning the trip for Early summer 2021, with the planned route suitable for this time of the year. It’s in Ireland so the logistics are easier and it’s a scenic but challenging cycle where I can take in many beautiful parts of the country which I’ve never visited.

Have you done this route before?

No, I’ve never even been to many of the places I’ll be visiting, nor have I ever cycled in the west of Ireland. I did however take part in other cycle challenges, including a Death Valley cycle in the USA in 2016.

Who will you do the cycle with?

I’ll be doing the cycle alone. My father or brother may join be for one section of the route but I’ll know more closer to the time. I’m happy for others to join me along any section of the routes, for as little or as long as desired.

How far is the cycle and how many miles per day will you do?

I plan on cycling at least 80 kilometres per day, with a total route of just under 1500 kilometres.

Where will you be staying, sleeping?

It’s still early days in the planning process, although I plan on resting in campsites or small hotels along the route. I’m also happy to lodge with other cyclists along the route if possible.

Will all funds go to charity?

Yes, all funds raised will go to both charities mention. I’ll be picking up the tab myself for my own expenses.

What happens if the cycle doesn’t go ahead?

Should the race not go ahead for whatever reason then all funds raised will either be returned or given to the charities if I can find another challenge closer to home. Understandably there are concerns given the current pandemic although with the planned date being a few months away at time of writing hopefully things will have improved.

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see"

- Mark Twain

Wild Atlantic Cycle 2021

A cycle fundraising event in the west of Ireland, summer 2021.